• Erik Siqueira

    Federal Police (Brazil)

    Q: For the purposes of the Budapest Convention, there’s no definition for “cyberspace”; Don’t you think the convention should suggest a definition for cyberspace? especially for the purposes of criminal justice? (cyberspace definition not based on territorial borders...). (to Alexander Seger)

  • Ismael Benhard

    Office of the President (Namibia)

    Q: 1. Why do countries need to sign this convention if countries already have bilateral relations or co operations such in the case of Law enforcement agencies. 2. Will the convention not have a slight advantage over other members states once signed? (to Patryk Pawlak)

  • Joshua

    ICT company

    Q: will the slides be made available to participants? (to Patryk Pawlak)

  • Q: Mr. VERDELHO‘s presentation can be followed here: https://rm.coe.int/cyber-eu-coe-webinar-latam-caribbean-en-20-july-2020-pedro/16809f0022

  • Mario Vega

    PM of Costa Rica to UNOV

    Q: Would be interested in learning of the alledged gaps in the Budapest Convention (to Alexander Seger)

  • EU Cyber Direct

    Q: The presentation of Dr. PAWLAK can be followed here: https://rm.coe.int/cyber-eu-coe-webinar-latam-caribbean-en-20-july-2020-patryk/16809f0026 Ms. SOUZA DOMINGOS ‘s presentation can be followed here: https://rm.coe.int/cyber-eu-coe-webinar-latam-caribbean-en-20-july-2020-fernanda/16809f0021