• Pavel Asatiani

    Georgian Technical University

    Q: Does EC has any upcoming cyber information security projects/programmes planned on international level?

  • Aydın Demirel

    Ministry of Justice (Turkey)

    Q: "Right not to be tried or punished twice" is a norm from European Convention on Human Rights Protokol 7. Cyber Crimes which can be committed from different countries with just one action. If every country which victim lives in, punish the action I think there will be a violation of convention. So do we need a investigation union for cyber crimes or a international courthouse to punish these actions? As a lawyer I'm curious what do speakers think?

  • Sufian Al Souse


    Q: How do you think CERT community can be funded & from which organizations or counters

  • Mokabberi


    Q: How can CERT community adress and reduce the negative effects of unilatreal sanctions on international corporations between national CERTs and on Capacity building processes? Do we need some norms regarding this vital issues? (to Maarten Van Horenbeeck)

  • Johan

    ULB Brussels

    Q: [to all speakers] Excellent idea for 'post-mortems' and testing norms with the tech community. What resources would be required for such initiatives to materialise? What would be the main challenges for this to materialise? (to Louise Marie Hurel)

  • Mokabberi


    Q: How can CERT community deals with the negative effect of unilatreal sanctions on international cooperation between CERTs and Capacity building processes? (to Maarten Van Horenbeeck)

  • Q: (and to all speakers): what are the norms created by the CERT community that in your view could contribute to more secure international environment but which have not been picked up by cyber diplomats? (to Maarten Van Horenbeeck)

  • Steve Kemsley


    Q: Question for Christine, talking about more involvement in on line training etc. Is she aware of anyone who has a view on the growth of criminals/terrorists taking part in such training to maintain their edged refine their phishing scams?

  • Apoorva AravindKumar


    Q: It was recently reported that Russian, Chinese and Iranian hackers have mounted cyberattacks against hundreds of organizations and people involved in the 2020 presidential race and U.S European policy debates. What role does national- CERT play in this? What would be the ideal response to a situation such as this?

  • Q: CERTs are increasingly used to feed information into intelligence analysis processes that are a basis for political decisions. How does these politicisation of CERTs primary mission undermine international cooperation? (to Saâd Kadhi)

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