• Julia


    Q: To all speakers: which is the next big infrastructure that you think we should focus on in particular? In other words, after energy and health institutions, where do you think the next big cyber crisis will hit and more cooperation is needed? (to Max Brandt)

  • Caitriona Heinl

    Q: This is the UK non-paper to the UN OEWG on implementation of cyber norms - drawing on their multistakeholder group: chrome-extension://oemmndcbldboiebfnladdacbdfmadadm/https://www.un.org/disarmament/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/efforts-implement-norms-uk-stakeholders-12419.pdf

  • Caitriona Heinl

    Q: https://www.dfat.gov.au/sites/default/files/compilation-norm-implementation-guidance.pdf That is the link to AUS DFAT paper on business/public submission on implementation of the UN GGE norms

  • Clemente Fuggini

    Q: ….since I mentioned this…. you might want to access the Stakeholders Platform of SecureGas here: https://www.securegas-project.eu/iump-login/

  • Joanna Kulesza

    Q: Let me just add an example of EU based MS (multistakeholder) research based norm development platform: https://erncip-project.jrc.ec.europa.eu/ <for those on Zoom> That also partially answers Dimitrios' question.

  • Dimitrios


    Q: You underlined the importance for coordination between CSIRTs, CERTs and especially between CSIRTs/CERTs and the Industry (Critical Infrastructures). What are the communication channels used at the moment? Do you envision a set of tools or platform(s) that will facilitate this communication and coordination process and address some of the topics mentioned such as: Trust, Ethics, Information sharing, especially in the context of EU? (to Max Brandt)

  • Mokabberi


    Q: What is the relation between the internationalizing of function protection and Clean Network Initiative That introduced by US secretary of state recently and One World One Net vision?

  • Ken


    Q: (also maybe to Max Brandt and other speakers) Listening to you I have the impression that the discussion between critical infrastructure experts circles is disconnected from the diplomatic processes like those at the UN where norms are created. How can we bridge the gap between these different communities? (to Mary McGinley)

  • EU Cyber Direct

    Q: Dear Participant, You can ask your questions here. For more information on the EU Cyber Forum 2020, please visit: https://eucyberforum.eu/ Share with #EUCF2020 and follo us @EUCyberDirect