• Rick Harris


    Q: Data diplomacy requires a common understanding of data types/categories. How can the international community develop a common taxonomy on data that could enable progress on developing a interoperable global data framework? (to Zhang Jian)

  • Sachin Gaur

    India EU ICT Standards Collaboration Project

    Q: The EU Common Data Space is very profound. Can EC consider a more exportable (like a software installation) framework in terms of implementation on ground. As it will enable many countries to join the data economy. (to Khalil Rouhana)

  • Q: The EU is under increasing pressure from other countries when it comes to its approach to data. How determined is the EU to stand up for its approach to data and data security? (to Khalil Rouhana)

  • Sachin Gaur


    Q: Right approach for data can take economies to next level ofcourse this conversation focuses more on protection. Can you ponder on the question from developing country perspective that how can they have more equity in Data Generation / Production and owning the value created out of it. More like fairtrade. (to Joanna Świątkowska)

  • EU Cyber Direct

    Q: Dear Participant, we encourage you to ask your questions to the panel via this chatbox. Stay tuned on the EU Cyber Forum 2020 agenda on https://eucyberforum.eu/ and share on social media #EUCF2020 @EUCyberDirect