• Mark

    Q: Thank you for the discussion. What is for you the role of NGOs and human rights activists in the digital domain to close the knowledge gap?

  • Cristina


    Q: How does various funding from your Service support the objective of the geopolitical commission that you mentioned earlier? Can the research institutes be involved and how? What is your engagements in other regions, such as Asia or Latin America? (to Hilde Hardeman)

  • Nathalie Van Raemdonck


    Q: Hi, thank you for participating in this roundtable, very interesting! Fabrizio, i was wondering how the European Digital Media Observatory is collaborating with the social media platforms. There have been difficulties for researchers to gain access to data to do research for evidence-based policy making, is the new EDMO working on this? (to Fabrizio Tassinari)

  • Badriyya

    Queen's University

    Q: Apart from cooperation with formal organizations, how does IDRC help build capacity and highlight innovation of informal tech spaces in the Global South? For example, in Kenya's Silicon Savannah? (to Ruhiya Seward)

  • Patryk


    Q: What would be your advice for organisations willing to establish closer cooperation with organisations in the Global South? What are the preconditions for such cooperation to materialise? (to Ruhiya Seward)

  • Patryk Pawlak

    EU Institute for Security Studies

    Q: This morning Commissioner Gabriel spoke of the need for a more efficient transfer from universities and research institutes to commercial/marketable solutions. From your experience, what are the best mechanisms to close that gap in the cyberdomain? (to Nayia Barmpaliou)