• Roland


    Q: Do you think certain (authoritarian) regimes (in the South in particular) choose to keep the "cyber-gap" large (on purpose) to exert their own influence & policies? And if so, how can the international community manage to overcome these national blockages? (to Luca Belli)

  • Zoe


    Q: [For all panelists] You have mentioned how COVID-19 has facilitated a more global reach of various events. But given the problems with access to the internet, does it really make things easier for broader representation from Africa and other regions? (to Enrico Calandro)

  • Venance Ntahondi

    Centre for Multilateral Affairs(CfMA)

    Q: Hi Nibal! Thank you for your wonderful submission, it was perfect and very informative. What are the measures to be taken to carter what you stated as "will of leadership" in the global south to be so low for regime protection purposes ? Most of the South of Sahara region (to Nibal Idlebi)

  • EUCyberDirect

    Q: You are welcome to post questions in this Q&A