• Nils Berglund

    Research ICT Africa

    Q: Great question Patryk and I agree with you Ruhiya! I don’t want to speak entirely on behalf of RIA here but I think a challenge for us as an organisation has been trying to respond to the new trends and going where the funding is. Like you say, traditional challenges of access and use—the bedrock of what we work on at RIA—is not always as easy to market as AI, despite what the needs or local context might be in terms of ICT development. But I also want to stress on that note that where IDRC has been critical for our work is the ongoing and long-term support structures that have allowed us to incorporate work on for example artificial intelligence with our broader vision digital policy agenda or organisational vision as opposed to short-term funding grants that might not result in meaningful research or policy impact (to Caitriona Heinl)

  • Joe Burton

    Q: For early career researchers, funding applications and terminology as well as the funding process and systems are hard to decipher. What can you do to support early career researchers to develop applications and understand how the funding systems work. And who would like to fund my next project on AI and Information Warfare? :) (to Caitriona Heinl)

  • EUCyberdirect

    Q: feel free to post questions to speakers in this Q&A